Accreditation of PCA compliant with ISO 17025 for EMC Testing Methods

Product: ISO 17025 Accreditation for EMC Testing Methods

Scope: Implementation of the System and Procedures in accordance with ISO 17025.

Main Responsibilities in the Project:

  • Consulting, implementation, and supervision of the system.
  • Creation of technical documentation, equipment supervision system, and quality instructions for measurement methods compliant with ISO 10605, ISO 11452-2, ISO 11452-4, ISO 11452-9.
  • Training employees in accredited methods, in accordance with ISO 17025.
  • Listing required equipment, client contact, and purchasing necessary apparatus.

What was executed or delivered within the project:

  • Completion of all the above tasks.
  • Awaiting the audit date.
  • Future expansion of accreditation to include additional standards ISO 7627-2, ISO 7627-3, CISPR 25.