Testing Services for Electric Vehicle

Product: Electric vehicle built on the PPE (Premium Platform Electric), with a primary focus on two High-performance Computing Platforms (HCP): HCP5 for communication and HCP3 for infotainment

Scope: Testing remote software updates in the vehicle. Two terms were used interchangeably: OTA update (Over the Air) and ORU (Online Remote Update).

Main Responsibilities in the Project:

  • Ensuring software status readiness for all ECUs in the vehicle.
  • Manually updating ECU software.
  • Testing remote ECU updates.
  • Analyzing communication between ECUs and the backend.
  • Error analysis.
  • Preparing test reports.

What was executed or delivered within the project:

  • Verification and validation reports for HCP5 and HCP3 functionalities.
  • Detailed findings from remote software update testing (OTA and ORU).
  • Documentation of communication protocols between ECUs and the backend.
  • Compliance and performance testing results for updated software across all ECUs.
  • Summary of key insights and recommendations based on error analysis.