ADAS ECU Main Board Sample A, B, C

Product: ADAS ECU – Main Board for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Scope: Core system functionalities include image analysis from front-facing and driver-monitoring cameras, message handling, and wireless connectivity (BLE, GSM, WiFi, LTE, GPS).

Main Responsibilities in the Project:

  • Board design and simulation for SI/PI, power integrity, and signal integrity high speed.
  • PCB verification, documentation, and communication with PCB manufacturer.
  • Electrical engineering tasks encompassing circuit design and analysis.
  • Utilizing ECAD software for PCB design and schematic capture.
  • Conducting ECAE simulations for SI/PI, power integrity, and signal integrity.
  • Ensuring EMC compliance through design and testing measures.

What was executed or delivered within the project:

  • PCB design project including LPDDR4, MIPI CSI2, eMMC, SPI, CAN, SDIO, I2C interfaces.
  • Documentation for PCB design and verification.
  • Simulation reports for SI/PI, power integrity, and signal integrity.