Driving Safety through Analysis and ISO 26262

Our Functional Safety engineers provide comprehensive solutions to ensure the safety and reliability of your embedded systems. We specialize in identifying, analyzing, and mitigating risks to comply with industry safety standards and regulations.

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With years of experience in analysis and functional safety management, we can focus on small safety chunks, work product delivery, and entire safety plan delivery.

Safety Analysis
We offer detailed Safety Analysis services to identify potential hazards and assess risks in your embedded systems. Our approach includes techniques such as Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) to ensure thorough risk identification and mitigation.
Safety Requirements Engineering
Our Safety Requirements Engineering services focus on defining and documenting safety requirements for your systems. We ensure that all safety-related aspects are clearly specified and traceable, forming a solid foundation for safe system design and development.
Safety Concept Development
We provide Safety Concept Development services to create comprehensive safety strategies for your projects. Our experts develop safety concepts that address identified risks and ensure compliance with relevant safety standards and regulations.
Safety Verification and Validation
Our Safety Verification and Validation services ensure that your systems meet all safety requirements. We perform rigorous testing and analysis to verify that safety mechanisms function correctly and validate that the system performs safely under all operating conditions.
Functional Safety Assessments
We conduct Functional Safety Assessments to evaluate the safety performance of your systems. Our assessments include reviewing safety processes, examining compliance with standards, and providing recommendations to enhance system safety and reliability.

We focus on understanding your Functional Safety challenges and need to provide tailor made solutions


With a deep focus on project’s ASIL and its maturity, we check what challenges your project faces.
Depending on the time-schedule, project’s maturity and other factors we propose tailored solution: Work package or a team of FUSA engineers that perform analysis and help in process development.
We deliver the agreed service with continuous monitoring to assure on-time delivery.
By fostering a culture of ongoing learning and adaptation, we ensure that our safety solutions not only meet but exceed regulatory requirements.

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Our continuous recruitment process ensures access to automotive specialists across multiple fields.

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