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Cornering around electrical circuits and accelerating PCB design

We aim to provide our clients with a sense of security and care, acting as a responsive and reliable resource We have experienced HW and Electronics engineering team that can support your projects in multiple areas.

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With years of experience developing embedded systems for automotive, we are aconfident partner.

Design and PCB Development
Our Design and PCB Development services encompass the entire process from schematic design to PCB layout and manufacturing. We ensure high-performance, reliable, and cost-effective circuit boards tailored to meet your specific requirements.
ECAD (Electronic Computer-Aided Design)
We offer ECAD services utilising advanced software tools to create detailed and accurate electronic designs. Our expertise includes schematic capture, component placement, and routing, ensuring efficient and manufacturable PCB designs.
Embedded Systems Design
Our Embedded Systems Design services cover the development of custom embedded solutions, including firmware development, hardware integration, and real-time system design. We create robust and efficient systems for a wide range of applications.
Signal Integrity Analysis
We provide Signal Integrity Analysis to ensure the reliability and performance of high-speed digital and analog circuits. Our services include simulation, testing, and optimization to minimise noise, crosstalk, and other signal degradation issues.
Power Electronics Design
Our Power Electronics Design services focus on developing efficient and reliable power conversion and management systems. We design solutions for AC/DC, DC/DC, and DC/AC converters, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.
Prototype Development and Testing
We offer comprehensive Prototype Development and Testing services to validate and refine your designs. Our capabilities include rapid prototyping, functional testing, and iterative design improvements to ensure your products meet all performance and quality standards.

We focus on understanding your Hardware Design challenges and need to provide tailor-made solutions

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We develop and present a tailored solution plan, including technical specifications, timeline, resource allocation, and cost estimates, for client approval.
We monitor and enhance the delivered solution through ongoing maintenance, feedback collection, and optimizations to ensure sustained performance and client satisfaction.
We deliver the agreed service with continuous monitoring to ensure on-time delivery.
It is integral to our approach, ensuring that we constantly enhance our processes and services. This involves regularly gathering.

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Our continuous recruitment process ensures access to automotive specialists across multiple fields.

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