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We aim to provide our clients with a sense of security and care, acting as a responsive and reliable resource. We specialise in all V-model software-related topics, from SWE.1 Requirements to actual implementation and testing.

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With years of experience developing and integrating automotive Software, both in the AUTOSAR framework and standalone, we provide extensive services and experienced consulting for any embedded controller operating in RTOS.

Software Design
We design the software architecture and structure based on the system requirements. This involves defining software modules, interfaces, data structures, and algorithms. Our solutions are complied with AUTOSAR standards.
Coding and Implementation
Our Coding and Implementation services involve writing efficient, high-quality code using best practices and industry standards, including AUTOSAR. Our experts code in C, C++, or Python.
Unit Testing
Our Unit Testing services involve rigorous testing of individual software modules to verify their functionality and reliability. We use automated testing frameworks to ensure thorough coverage and early detection of defects.
Integration Testing
We conduct thorough Integration Testing to ensure seamless operation between software components and the overall system. Our testing processes identify and resolve compatibility issues, ensuring a smooth and reliable integration.
Code Reviews and Quality Assurance
We offer Code Reviews and Quality Assurance services to maintain high standards of code quality. Our systematic review process identifies potential issues, ensures adherence to coding standards, and improves overall software reliability.
Version Control and Configuration Management
Our Version Control and Configuration Management services ensure organized and efficient handling of code changes. We implement robust version control systems to track revisions, manage configurations, and facilitate collaborative development.

We possess a deep understanding of market needs, as well as the characteristics of each role within the industry.
This enables us to precisely select suitable individuals and internally match them. Our rigorous screening process ensures acquisition of top-notch competencies. We exhibit strong precision in placing individuals in positions, thereby saving significant time for our clients.

We focus on understanding your Embedded Software challenges and need to provide tailor-made solutions

We perform SW GAP and Requirements review to discover areas to be implemented or integrated.
Depending on the time schedule, the project’s maturity, and other factors, we propose a tailored solution: a work package with on-time delivery, a consultant who helps with SW component implementation, Complete SW integration, and related testing.
Implementation Delivery
We deliver the agreed service with continuous monitoring to ensure on-time delivery.
It is integral to our approach, ensuring that we constantly enhance our processes and services. This involves regularly gathering feedback, analyzing performance metrics to deliver value to our clients.

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Our continuous recruitment process ensures access to automotive specialists across multiple fields.

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