Driving Test Scenarios around Software, System and Vehicle

We aim to provide our clients with a sense of security and care, acting as a responsive and reliable resource. We cover testing competencies across the entire V-model from SWE.5 to SYS.6.

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With decades of experience and a deep understanding of the automotive industry’s unique challenges and opportunities, our team offers comprehensive consulting services tailored to meet your specific needs.

Software Testing
We offer extensive Software Testing services to validate the performance and reliability of your embedded software. Our approach includes functional, performance, and regression testing to ensure your software meets all requirements and performs optimally under various conditions.
System Testing
Our System Testing services involve end-to-end validation of your embedded systems. We test the complete integrated system to verify its functionality, performance, and compliance with specifications, ensuring it meets user expectations and industry standards.
Penetration Testing
We conduct Penetration Testing to assess the security of your embedded systems. Our experts simulate cyber-attacks to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses, providing detailed reports and recommendations to enhance ECU security.
EMC/ESD Test Engineering Support
Our EMC/ESD Test Engineering Support services ensure your embedded systems comply with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and electrostatic discharge (ESD) standards. We provide testing, analysis, and mitigation strategies to prevent interference and damage from electromagnetic phenomena.
Integration Testing
We offer Integration Testing services to ensure smooth interaction between different software modules and hardware components. Our thorough testing process identifies and resolves integration issues, ensuring cohesive and reliable system operation.
Code Reviews and Quality Assurance
Our Code Reviews and Quality Assurance services focus on maintaining high standards of code quality and reliability. We conduct systematic reviews to identify defects, ensure adherence to coding standards, and implement best practices for continuous improvement.

We focus on understanding your Testing needs

We perform System and. review to discover test coverage areas .
Depending on the time schedule, the project’s maturity, and other factors, we propose a tailored solution: a work package with on-time delivery, a consultant who helps with the testing process, test case definition, execution and reporting.
We deliver the agreed service with continuous monitoring to ensure on-time delivery.
It is integral to our approach, ensuring that we constantly enhance our processes and services. This involves regularly gathering feedback, analyzing performance metrics, and implementing necessary adjustments to deliver even greater value to our clients.

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Our continuous recruitment process ensures access to automotive specialists across multiple fields.

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